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...The next time your business requires the support of a full service IT consulting firm, let IMS demonstrate how we can provide you with the prompt, expert technical support you demand...


Businesses today rely very heavily on technology. These technology requirements need to be managed and maintained so that business can focus on running day-to-day operations more efficiently and effectively.


Technology should enhance and empower your organization, not disable it. This is why we offer an array of support services which we can customize to the needs of your business to help minimize down time and enhance performance.


The heart of our integrated services is Information Security. We incorporate information security into all aspects of our services. With the growing number of security threats on the rise, network security has become an essential part of maintaining the privacy and integrity of an enterprise. IMS has the knowledge and the expertise to help you defend your network against threats and attacks by employing preventative security solutions. Intrusion Prevention Safeguard your network from lethal computer worms and other malicious attacks.

  • Firewall & VPN  - Secure your Internet and remote access points with complete Firewall/VPN protection.
  • Antivirus / Anti-Spyware  - Protection Safeguard your computers and servers by eliminating viruses, worms, Trojan horses and mal-ware.
  • Vulnerability Scanning - Scan your network to identify - and dramatically reduce - the number of vulnerabilities within your network.
  • Email Filtering / Anti-Spam - Eliminate SPAM, network and legal threats by implementing email filtering systems.


With today's complex networks and applications, maintaining your information systems is no small task. Computer and network emergencies are seldom planned and always occur at the most inopportune time. We know that choosing the right support company, the right tools and the right processes can impact how your business functions considerably. 

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Application Support  Network Security Support
File and Application Server Support  Anti-Virus Support 
Network Troubleshooting Support  Anti-Malware Support
Wireless Network Support Anti-Spam Support


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